Some tools to help us cope better and improve our relationships and general well being .

1.“Change Your Thinking Style “:

Over the years we have developed a way of thinking that effects our ability to communicate and relate . What kinds of thinking styles have you got and can you change them ? Remember our thoughts effect our feelings and our behaviour. Remember when we have negative thoughts we can always ask “Is this a Fact or Assumption.”:

what is your thinking style ?

  1. Dealing with Distressing Situations:

Practice and learn to STOP and take a breath before considering what action to take. Just simply pausing and taking a breath when feeling distressed can help us to see the situation more clearly, and help us decide what action to take.

Mindfulness practise is an important tool for helping us learn to manage our emotions .mindfulness practise

  1. Do something mindfully!

Choose an activity to do mindfully, just for 1 or 2 minutes

Whatever you do, be in that moment, right now. Focus your attention, and notice what you see around you, right where you are. Listen to the sounds around and inside you. Notice whatever you can smell. Reach out and touch what is within reach - the chair, the floor, yourself. Notice those sensations of breathing in your chest, your belly, your throat and nose.

Simply notice whenever other thoughts and sensations come to mind - as they surely will - then gently re-focus on our chosen mindful activity.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Describe your experiences and what you notice, rather than judging them to be good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

It is as it is. It will pass.

  1. Some helpful APPS to help you live more positively and deal with difficult emotions.



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