In addition to working with adults, Michelle has considerable experience working with children and families. She has worked with hearing-impaired children and children with Autism spectrum disorders, providing assessment, play therapy, parental counselling and family therapy. She has also worked as a programme co-ordinator for an organization focused on child and youth development. At present, in addition to private practice she works in the public sector providing assessment and treatment to adolescents and their families for disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and self-harm. Prior to that Michelle worked in Juvenile Justice with adolescents and their families, providing therapy aimed at reducing offending behaviour in adolescents.

During her career Michelle has held a number of other roles outside private practice: she initiated and established a counselling service in the card division of a major bank, specialising in employee counselling and staff development and consultation; she worked for a non-government organization dealing with domestic violence and abuse; she has worked in child protection and child welfare arenas; and she has worked in the criminal justice system focusing on the rehabilitation of adult offenders and providing support to their families.

Michelle has also worked as a supervisor of psychologists in a number of settings and has provided education and training to mental health professionals.

Other areas of interest for Michelle are issues related to minority stress, and working with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Throughout her career, Michelle has always been involved in community development and the promotion of mental health and in human rights advocacy.

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